50 Shades of Raith







I'm writing this testimony in thanks to Raith. I'm just loving my sessions and wanted to share my experience in hopes other ladies, like myself, who are interested but too afraid or nervous to contact you will hopefully just go for it, give themselves a much deserved gift :-)


When I first saw the post on Raith's page regarding ProDom sessions (on FetLife), I have to admit my curiosity was immediately piqued but I hesitated for quite some time before inquiring. I felt awkward and silly asking but finally got up my nerve and am so glad I did!!


He instantly made me feel at ease, was more than willing to answer all my questions and instinctively knew how and what to ask increasing my comfort level and enabling me to open up about what I was looking for and wanted to explore. There was no pressure to book anything as we went back and forth with these discussions prior to scheduling any session. He was always professional and friendly, tempering it all with patience and a good sense of humor.


My first session I was nervous while driving there, but when I got there, again he made me feel instantly comfortable. We discussed/reviewed what I'd like to get out this, limits, health issues, safety, as he's all about safety first, and different options and techniques.Now, after having 4 sessions with Raith, I can honestly say...DON'T HESITATE LADIES!! He's a professional, in control, very skilled at what he does, whether it be flogging, ohhhh yesss the flogging comes highly recommended, spanking, disciplining naughtiness, whatever your kink may be, right up to aftercare. He instinctively senses his client's energy and creatively goes with the flow making sure it's as fun, playful and/or intense as you want.


Some may think why should I have to pay to play when there are so many more than willing Dominants out there. Well...yeah...but honestly we all know there's a lot of creepers, players, uneducated fakers, that can be unsafe and the weeding process is exhausting!!


A ProDom session is all about YOU! Raith will work with you, define what you're looking for and suggest methods in which to explore your specific submissive needs. A service that's ALL about YOU!! Exactly what YOU do or do not want to explore. Without fear of being judged and all administered at the hand of a professional Dominant who has spent a major part of his life studying, learning and mastering his skills with varying degrees and typesof submissive women. Therefore making him somewhat of a master at reading, handling and knowing what a submissive women needs :)


I leave each session feeling wonderful! 


I'm at peace, smiling all the way home, my busy mind from my busy life is quieted. A happy place, like a mini vacation, just for me. :-) Club Raith lol.


Thank you Raith,


J*** D*****49 - Female 





I met Raith through an outside event (partial kink friendly) where I questioned the interesting bits of gear he was wearing on his hip at the time 
fur manacles and a flogger). This lead to a conversation on "Kink 101" and an invitation to explore more if I was interested. Took me a month or so 
to decide that I was interested enough to give it a shot...and looking back now, why I ever waited is beyond me. 

As any reasonable girl should be, I was nervous, but Raith came with "he's an awesome person" from my guy friends which really helped me feel a bit more comfortable with trusting him.

Before we even started, I filled out a questionnaire (with some help from Google on terms I'd never heard before) he had sent me, which went over 
limits, wants, needs, etc. So before we even held the first session, he had a decent idea of what I was looking for. The first session was great!
It was kind of informal, with all the proper discussions of limits, safe words, health etc. Then he showed me what each toy did and how it felt...
because I was so new to this whole thing it was VERY helpful in understanding what I would like and not like. I am so glad he took the time to do this with me.

The following sessions have been formal. The awesome part about them is they are all about what I want. Raith is really good about working into a session 
anything I ask for and with his years of experience, if I am stumped for ideas, he's always got something he does that adds to the session. He also has a 
wide variety of toys, which is great for someone like me, as I can experience new things in a safe environment. 

Canes, Paddles, Crops, Rope, Electricity, you name it, along with some of my fav's: Floggers and Spanking! He's really, really good with all of them. 
Blade play happens to be my current favorite, which can be extremely dangerous, but again Raith is always concerned about safety, so no danger here. I highly recommend it! 

More than anything, the thing that keeps bringing me back again and again is the connection. When you are with Raith, it really is all about you. He's also excellent at "reading energy" which is awesome. 
(Try finding or enjoying sub-space when you have to keep reminding that new Dom you are playing with to stop hitting that one spot.)

Yes, there are other options available to you out there, but they really aren't a match for the concern, fun, energy, focus, and years of experience that Raith brings to YOUR session. 

Not having to focus on life for a little while is amazing, and the resulting drive home usually results in giddiness for the next day or so. It's a new, exciting, and different experience each time and I can hardly wait for the next one. 

I can't recommend him enough. 

Thanks Raith. 

K******* B***
26 - Female